How Much Do Hypnotherapists Charge? (Including Survey Results)

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Some of the most common questions we get at Transform Destiny as a hypnotherapy institute are, "What is the typical salary of a hypnotherapist?" or "how much does a hypnotherapist earn?"

This is a great question, as hypnotherapy trainings are an investment and most people want to know how quickly they can make it back, and how well they will do financially as a professional hypnosis practitioner.

You may be surprised to know that anyone can take a three-day hypnotherapy training with no degree and no prior experience and charge more than a typical medical doctor, psychologist, or lawyer!

Let's explore these questions as well as actual survey results below...

How Much Do Hypnotherapists Make?

The answer is — and I know this is annoying — it depends. But by the end of this article, you will have a clarity on this topic.

There are a lot of factors that come into play including, do you start your own practice or work for someone else? Where is your practice based? Who is your prospect and what is their financial ability? What is your experience with sales and/or marketing if running your own practice? How many clients do you want to see? What is your desired income? Let's tackle some of these questions...

But first, I have to say, everything in this post is for educational purposes only. I cannot and will not make any claims or promises of income, as that is prohibited by the FTC (who regulates marketing in the US) as well as anti-price-fixing laws that apply to institutes like ours in the US. Even if we could assign a number to the skills of hypnotherapy, we do not know your work ethic, motivation, experience, and mindset, all of which can affect one's income (positively or negatively). So this is just for educational purposes and not "advice."

Now that the legal mumbo-jumbo is out of the way...

Starting Your Own Practice vs Working for Someone Else

There are two ways you can earn money by becoming a Certified Hypnotherapist. One way is, you could work for someone else. This is probably the least-sought way of earning a living as an professional hypnotist, because most people entering the field prefer to work for themselves.

Hypnotherapist is not something you're typically going to find on a site like, but having the skills of hypnotherapy might qualify you to work in some fields, such as healing centers, alternative health centers, sports performance, and more.

How much can you expect to make working for someone else? It really depends on what services you provide. For example, we have seen contract hypnotherapists making anywhere from $60 to $80 per hour.

When working for yourself, you have other options open to you. Since you are the "head honcho," you get to decide what you want to charge for your services. And if what you value your service at matches what your potential client are willing to pay for your work, you're in business!

The Over-Arching Rule

When people ask me what to charge for Hypnotherapy services, my over-arching answer is this: You should charge what you can congruently ask for and receive.

What does that mean? Well, there are two sides to this concept. The first aspect is, what can you congruently ask for? Congruence means that when you tell people how much you're worth, you are confident and certain, and you communicate that confidence and certainty to others. If you doubt your own value, your prospect will know it... they will feel it, even if they can't articulate why. While one person may be able to congruently ask for $1,500 per session, another may only feel confident asking for $150.

The good news is, in learning Hypnotherapy, you will learn self-hypnosis to eliminate your limiting beliefs and conflicts around money, abundance, and wealth! I used to be riddled with limiting beliefs and values conflicts that made making money a struggle. When I learned tools like hypnotherapy and NLP, I did the work using the tools on myself and eliminated them all, and now I've made nearly $10,000,000 just by helping thousands of people to transform their destinies by tapping into the power of their subconscious minds. And I grew up poor!

The second aspect is, what can you receive. This has more to do with your potential clients than you. For example, I know one Hypnotherapist who claims to charge $25,000 for a single session of hypnosis... but I doubt he has ever had any takers at that price. A person could, theoretically, ask for any price. But that doesn't mean people will pay it. So that leads us to the next question...

Who is Your Prospect and What is their Financial Ability?

One of the most important tasks in marketing is deciding who you want to serve. What we find is that people who try to sell to "everyone" generally are not as successful as those who pick a particular type of client to serve. So who is it you want to help and what problems do you want to solve for them?

  • Business owners?
  • Single moms of teenaged kids?
  • Recovering addicts?
  • CEOs and other high-level executives of corporations?
  • Actors and actresses?
  • Real estate agents?
  • People with specific fears like shyness or fear of flying?

These are all niches that practitioners I have known have specialized in. Obviously, some of these prospects will be willing to pay more than others, based on their financial means as well as their desire to get the results.

What Level of Training Do You Have?

In general, the higher your level of training in Hypnotherapy, the more one can charge. A Master Hypnotherapist charges more than a Clinical Hypnotherapist. A Trainer of Hypnotherapy can charge more than a Master Hypnotherapist. The more training you have, the more ability you have to help others, and the more people will be willing to pay for that help. So, the only real limit is how far you're willing to go!

How Many Clients Do You Want to Take?

Some people want to do their work full-time like a job, while others want to have a lifestyle business. My wife Kayla and I traveled the world full-time as digital nomads for nearly five years while running our Hypnotherapy, NLP, and coaching practice and training company. We worked a few hours per day and enjoyed living in 52 cities around the world, like Paris, London, Amsterdam, Chang Mai, Sydney, Buenos Aires, New York, Berlin, Rome, and so many more!

The beauty is, most Hypnotherapy sessions can take place virtually over Zoom or Skype, so you truly can be location-independent. So you can take as many clients as you want from anywhere. Want to make more money? Just take more clients.

What is Your Desired Income?

Everyone should have goals and goal setting and measurement is an important part of any business. So decide what income you want, then turn it over to your all-powerful subconscious mind and take inspired action. (You'll learn how to do this in your hypnotherapy training if you choose to train with Transform Destiny at our Learn Hypnosis... Live! training)

So, How Much Should I Charge for Hypnotherapy Sessions Once I'm Certified?

While there are a lot of variables (and this is definitely not a promise of income), a common comparison as a benchmark is that most new Hypnotherapists charge about double what a massage therapist charges in their local area. This varies from place to place. In many places around the US, a one-hour massage is about $75. So simple math would tell you an beginning Hypnotherapist charges around $150 /hr in that local area.

In a recent poll of practicing Hypnotherapists in our community of graduates, some of the  responses to "what do you charge" were:

  • Starlet: $120 /hr
  • Jeff: $150 /hr
  • Rich: $125 /hr
  • Mark: $150 /hr, and $595 for a quit smoking program with a lifetime guarantee
  • Jeff: $150 /hr
  • Matt: $150 /hr
  • Ashley: $150 deep-dive session, $300 for hypnosis
  • Maritsa: $300 - $600 /hr
  • Aimee: $225
  • Greg: $375
  • Brad: $2,000 for three month program
  • Gabe: $500 per session, $1,500 for a monthly membership (four sessions per month)
  • Bishop: $150 - $200
  • Leslie: $100 /hr
  • Carole: $200 /hr
  • Jaunique: Per session $222
  • Tiffany: $500 per session, $2,000 for a four-week package

With the rates like these, it typically takes only 2 - 3 clients to pay back the entire tuition for the Learn Hypnosis... Live! training. And with payment plans we have available, you could possibly earn back your entire investment before the final payment is even due.

What's Next?

If becoming a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist is something you're interested in, we've got great news! You can become a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist in just three days, using a proven eight-step method of hypnotherapy. There are no prerequisites or degrees necessary, and you can practice Hypnotherapy freely in most places around the world following the simple guidelines we teach you in the training. Visit to see event dates and locations.


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