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We are so glad to hear that you are interested in joining us for our Learn Hypnosis... Live! training. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that we have received from some of our students, along with some other important information that you should know.

If you have any additional questions, please click the live chat icon on the bottom right of the screen to talk to someone on our team. We are often available for extended hours.

Let's dive in...

Q - What can I expect to learn at the live, or online training?

A - This training offers you step-by-step instructions to hypnotize anyone, and includes specific information on how to help people quit smoking and lose weight.

This is a very experiential class. We do many exercises in class, so you get to use your new skills under direct supervision of the trainer. This is a really fun weekend training, and its even more fun with friends or family members.

You'll learn:

  • What hypnosis is and how it has been used for centuries
  • How to hypnotize virtually anyone
  • How to hypnotize yourself
  • How to run a hypnosis session from start to finish
  • How you can become a professional hypnotherapist from what you learned
  • How to market and advertise yourself with beginner templates and ideas

Q - What are the hours of the live training? How often are breaks?

A - Class is from 10-7 each day, and we do check-in at 9:30 on the first day.

There will be 15-minute breaks roughly every 90 minutes, and there will be a lunch break around 12:45.

All hours are required, and missed time will result in the student leaving the training without certificates. Students will not be permitted to come late or leave early under any circumstance, including flights, business meetings, etc. as standards for certification require that all training hours be met. Please plan for heavy traffic if you are driving in.

Q - Are there any required pre-studies for the training?

A - There is only one pre-study to finish, which is reading the book Learn Hypnosis... Now!.

Students will receive a complimentary PDF copy of the book online when registering, and if you prefer a paperback version of the book, you can purchase one on Amazon or in our shop.

Q - Is it legal for me to practice Hypnotherapy where I live?

A - Every country/state/province/city/etc. has their own laws around what you can and can't do as a Hypnotherapist. In most cases, hypnotherapy is not regulated, or is slightly regulated, where maybe you cannot work on anything medical, or using the term(s) "clinical" and/or "hypnotherapist" with your name. (In cases like these, it is typically ok to use the term "Professional Hypnotist".)

As a general rule, students who are not licensed to do medical or psychological work should never work on anything of that nature, unless under a direct referral from the client's doctor, and only if it is legal where you live (we explain this in detail in the training).

With that being said, this is a very basic hypnosis training, and with only 3-days of training under your belt, you should not be trying to touch anything medical (even with a doctors referral) without further training.

We are not lawyers, so we cannot give you legal advice, but we do highly suggest that you do research on your state/country/etc. to make sure that you are practicing within the standards of your local laws. A great place to start is with the NGH Law Guide, which you can find on Google, and you should always check with a lawyer.

Q - What is the difference between a Hypnotherapist and a Certified Hypnotherapist?

A - When you graduate the training (including all of the required hours, do each exercise to satisfaction, and pass the written test) you are immediately qualified to call yourself a Hypnotherapist.

If you would like to be a Certified Hypnotherapist, you will need to join a certifying board to receive those credentials. Think of it as a doctor. If a medical school graduate earns a diploma, he is considered a doctor. But to be a Licensed Medical Doctor, he would need to join a medical board. This is the same with most fields, including even cosmetology and massage therapy.

The graduation certificate that we give at the end of the Hypnotherapy Training is just like a diploma, and to earn your certification, you would need to join a board. If you plan to take clients professionally, you should join a board to be certified. The board we are affiliated with is just $9.99 /mo (includes benefits such as group coaching and an annual convention) for full certification, or $7.99 /mo for digital certification (digital certificate for your website).

Q - Which board(s) will I be able to join with my graduation certificates from Transform Destiny?

A - Because Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching are self-regulated fields, there are many boards out there that you could join to earn your board certificates. Many boards will cross-certify, and others require you to attend one of their trainings. Some boards are very simple and only give you a certificate when joining, while others do more to support their members, and offer more benefits for the price of joining. Most are about $150 - $250 /year to join. Some training companies will also require you to join and pay for several different boards under each modality (one for Hypnotherapy, one for NLP, one for Coaching, etc.) if you have training with more than just Hypnotherapy.

We certify through the International Board of Coaches and Practitioners, which certifies people in NLP, Hypnotherapy, EFT, TIME Techniques, Coaching and Reiki. So upon completing the NLP Practitioner training and receiving your graduation certificates, you will automatically qualify to join the IBCP.

When joining the IBCP, it is the exact same price if you are certified under one of the categories, or all of the categories. There are no additional fees if you want to get all 5 of your certifications. There are different levels of certification starting at $7.99 /month, depending on the amount of benefits that you would like to receive. The most popular level is $9.99 /month, and includes printed certificates with a gold seal, digital certificates on your website with a link for your clients to verify your credentials, monthly group coaching calls to help you improve your skills and results as a practitioner, online courses, and a complimentary ticket to the annual IBCP Convention each October. The benefits that the IBCP provides far exceeds the benefits of other boards that we have found.

As mentioned earlier, many other boards will cross-certify, and we recommend that you get additional certification from several boards, as it will increase your prestige and authority, and will help your clients really trust that you are an expert in the field. Not to mention the extra benefits that some boards offer.

Q - What is the difference between a Licensed Hypnotherapist and a Certified Hypnotherapist.

A - Hypnotherapy is a self-regulated field, meaning that there typically is not a government regulating body that gives state licenses like medical professionals would receive. So, in the context of having a state license to do Hypnotherapy, that doesn't exist.

Q - How does your Hypnotherapy Home Certification work? Will I be able to print my own certificates?

A - Unlike most online certification courses that are lacking the required evaluation process to make sure that a student can correctly and confidently Hypnotherapy on others, ours is much different.

If you choose to do the Learn Hypnosis At Home training, you will be required to finish the same amount of hours as someone coming to the live training will, and you will have to finish the test. To complete the evaluation process, you will film yourself doing a hypnotherapy session with a volunteer to send in for evaluation by a Trainer of Hypnotherapy, who will personally go through the video and provide detailed feedback.

In many cases, the evaluation of our home certification training is more in-depth as a single Trainer is watching each video personally, rather than having a Trainer or Trainer's Assistant watching over several exercise groups at once in the live setting.

In both the live and the online trainings, if a student isn't doing each technique correctly, they will be asked to repeat those technique until they are doing them with satisfaction.

Once the evaluation process is finished, we will ship you the graduation certificates. Students will not be able to print their own certificates under any circumstance.

Q - What are some of the other benefits that I can look forward to from picking Transform Destiny as my training company?

A - We are consistently finding new ways to add value for our students and graduates. Here are some benefits that we currently have for you (and I'm sure more will be added for you over the years as we find more ways to support you):

1- Lifetime access to the home study recording, taught by Michael Stevenson. Many other training companies will charge students extra to get the home study recordings of the class, but we at Transform Destiny find it important that we give our certification students everything that they need to be excellent Hypnotherapists beyond the training. Having the home study recordings will give you something to review in the future when you want to get a refresher.

2- Ongoing support and help. We are here to help you along the way. We get it... Things come up! Each and every session that you have with your clients will be different, and the more you practice, the more comfortable you will be with going with the flow, and rolling with the punches.

And maybe, possibly, something will come up that you aren't sure how to answer. That is ok, it can happen, and we want you to feel supported and feel comfortable approaching us with your questions. We have several people on our team who are certified and qualified to answer your questions about your sessions with your clients. We do our best to be available on Live Chat for extended hours, and if it isn't urgent, you can always email us or leave a voicemail.

We are happy to help, and pride ourselves in being there for our clients even after the training.

Q - If I want to continue my training, what would the next step be?

A - Michael (the CEO and Founder of Transform Destiny) started his career as a Hypnotherapist in March of 2000. He ran a practice for one year as a Hypnotherapist, and in April of 2001 he realized that he could help more people, resolve more issues, with a better success rate, and faster with NLP.

This resulted in Michael becoming certified in NLP, which boomed his business and allowed him to more than double his fees with clients.

We feel that the tools learned in the NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Trainings are the most effective way to help clients and create abundance doing something truly fulfilling in the world. Rather than just having one tool (hypnotherapy) you will have several different tools under your belt to help clients with many different types of situations. This is great, as it really, really improves your success rate, and gives you more options for people who don't understand Hypnotherapy well enough to trust it right off the bat.

When you take our NLP Practitioner Training, it comes with five graduation certificates: NLP Practitioner, TIME Techniques Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, Success Coach, and Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Learn Hypnosis Live (and/or Learn Hypnosis at Home) are both included in the NLP Practitioner Training, so if you know that you want to do the full package and earn all of the above certificates, reach out to us to see if you qualify for a discount based on previous classes that you have purchased from us.

Q - Your website says that if I am a member of the Accelerate Coaching and Mastermind Program, I can come to the NLP Practitioner Training for free. What is that?

A- Accelerate is a Coaching and Mastermind Program designed to help you launch and grow your NLP Practice! It includes tickets to our Certification Trainings, One-on-One Coaching, Masterminds, our Successful Practice Secret program to teach you how to attract clients, and so much more. To read more, visit www.AccelerateNLP.com.

Q- I am ready to sign up to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist! Where do I do that?

A- Great! Just visit www.LearnHypnosisLive.com, pick the city and date of your choice, and we will see you there!

BTW, we also offer a discount for a spouse (or equivalent). Go ahead and register yourself at the price on the website, then reach out to us for a custom discount link for your spouse.

If the finishing the training from home is more of a preference for you, then you can register here: www.LearnHypnosisAtHome.com

Q- I am ready to sign up for the NLP Practitioner Training! Where do I do that?

A- Great! You are absolutely going to love it. Not only will you get some amazing tools to help your clients, but you will also have some big shifts yourself. It truly is life changing.   :)

Here is the link to sign up. If you know which date you want to attend, you can go ahead and pick that date. If you are not sure yet and don't want to commit to a date quite yet, you can pick the "future ticket" option, which will put a ticket in your Members Only account that you can claim at any time. It does not expire, so you can take as much time as you would like. Registering now will give you instant access to all of the online classes and bonuses, so you can start on your pre-studies right away.

This page also gives you the option to do the home certification training, if that is your preference.


The spouse/(or equivalent) discount also applies to the NLP Practitioner Training if you would like to bring them with you.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions! You can call us during business hours, or, the live chat button on the bottom right hand side of the screen goes right to our team, and is the easiest way to communicate with us 7 days a week. We are typically available from early in the morning until late at night there.  :)

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